WATER: How to drink the right amount pre-workout!

To stay lean, energized, youthful-looking and able to work out, you need water. Drink water to fuel your muscles. You may not follow the mainstream diet or exercise like the bulk but to optimize your workout, you need to incorporate the following water rituals in your daily routine.

Replace all electrolytes that are lost in sweat with water. For optimal workout results, one needs their muscles in prime condition. Hydrating yourself the right way before a workout will help your muscles achieve this.

Proper accuracy, power and balance can never be achieved during a workout if you are dehydrated before even starting. Your body needs to be properly hydrated before every decent workout.

Many clueless workout junkies are of the opinion that the tougher it is on you the better the workout is. Well this is not true! Working hard is not necessarily working at times- you need to work smart. To do that, you need proper guidance. Here is one!

Blindly following the standardized health advice

This article is about how much water one should consume pre-workout. Every individual is different and has different bodily requirements. Also everyone has their own workout regime. Hence, water intake before a workout varies between person to person.

An average individual should drink roughly 20 ounces of water at least two hours before their workout-give or take. That’s a rule of thumb that many doctors, social media sites and well, your own mom will tell you without even examining how your body functions. It is exactly like being told to drink eight glasses of water daily. Well NO!


As mentioned above, everybody is different. A forty year old male athlete and a 16 year old girl trying to lose weight have goals that are poles apart and so are their bodies. Hence it only makes sense that their nutrient intakes will be different.

What is weird about this whole “drink more water” propaganda is the fact that it contradicts with “everything in excess is dangerous”.

This health virtue, “more the water, the better!” has put a lot of pressure. Some people even believe our own body doesn’t know what is best for it. All those sensible people who cannot ignore their biological feedback are the healthiest. They consume water as needed rather than ignoring their urges to pee to meet the universal daily quota of water.

Let us not disrespect our bodies, listen to them and respond accordingly.

The right amount

The best advice when it comes to hydration is, ‘always listen to your body’. Regrettably thirst is not a good indicator when it comes to the amount of water intake needed since only a few sips can satisfy your thirst.

The easiest way to check if you are hydrated enough is by making your way to the toilet. If your urine is dark yellow or orange, you need to drink water. Thing to note here is if you are taking any multi-vitamins or just had an asparagus, your pee might even be neon! Don’t worry. This does not mean you are dying. Instead it’s a good indicator of your multi-vitamins working.

Check your breath. If you have bad breath, you need water. If you are craving something sweet or if you have a cramped muscle then also you are dehydrated and your body is calling for water

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Things to remember

Before a workout, you need to be hydrated not bloated. Water is the best and smartest way to attain this. Just don’t overdo it.Water is present in all vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy and eggs. Point being, you get water in almost everything you consume.

Milk and other dairy products do contain water but take a lot of time to digest so I would advise you not to take it before a workout or any other item that has the same effect on your body.

Drink cold water rather than warm since it is absorbed by your body much faster. Also it is less likely to give you cramps.

Interesting fact: if you are trying to lose weight, cold water uses calories in your body to heat the water to bring it to body temperature. Burn calories by sipping water. Can it get any easier?

Never rush your drink. The faster you drink the more bloated you shall get. Take pauses while drinking. Take your time. Sip, pause, count till 3 and sip again. http://www.crazybulkreviewstore.com

The more you sweat during and after the workout the more water you need before it. Sweating is basically muscles loosing water. When muscles don’t have enough water, they will get tired. Start with a glass of water at least 30 minutes before your daily exercise and observe. With every ounce of sweat you omit, you should drink double the amount 30-40 minutes before the workout. This will give your muscles extra energy.

That’s a lot of liquid- Stay hydrated folks!