The Alavi Foundation is a private, American 501(C) (3) not-revenue driven association joined in the State of New York that has given more than $50 million in subsidizing for beneficent exercises in the United States since our establishing in 1973. All through our history, we have been focused on financing social projects, colleges, schools, free centers and school grants.

Our altruistic exercises advance the investigation of Persian culture, dialect, craftsmanship, writing, and human progress. We have since quite a while ago bolstered programs in interfaith examinations. We remain for popular government, opportunity of expression, religious conjunction and pluralism, and equivalent rights for all.

The Foundation and the groups we serve are pleased with the way that our financing is essentially from our 60% responsibility for building we built in the 1970s at 650 Fifth Avenue in the heart of New York City. We are opposing in court the administration’s endeavors to grab our offer of the building since we have no connection with any administration, not to mention the legislature of Iran, and we have never intentionally given unlawful administrations to Iran or any organization of Iran. We have done our best to work as per the laws of the United States and the State of New York, the locales in which we work.

Our work has dependably been totally magnanimous and not for the advantage of Iran or whatever other government. We will likely bolster the training of youngsters, to counteract radicalization and vicious fanaticism, and to improve the energy about Persian culture, including Islamic investigations, here in our nation. The United States is a country of workers. Many not-revenue driven associations in the United States advance the way of life and dialect of outside nations from which the Americans they serve (and their predecessors) emigrated. That does not make them offices of the administrations of those nations.

As Iranian-Americans, we are glad for the history, conventions, and social esteems that we advance through our broad altruistic exercises. We are Americans, and we completely dismiss all savagery and psychological warfare, state-supported or something else. We have undoubtedly our endeavors to advance Persian history, culture, and religion – which advantage numerous Americans, not just Iranian-Americans who are acclimatizing into this awesome nation – effectively help fortify the texture of our general public. To be sure, that is our definitive objective.