12 Best Weight loss Pills And Supplements Reviewed


Finding various weight loss tricks and techniques that includes various Diet pills, drugs and natural supplements is certainly not difficult now. All of them guaranteeing a 100% fat burn or as a minimum helping you ease this weight loss process united with other means.

Some of the techniques they employ are as below..

  • Making you consume lesser calories by suppressing hunger,
  • Restricting you from taking more calories by reduce full-fat nutrients
  • Making you burn more calories by enhancing the fat burning process

Here we shall discuss the 12 best weight loss pills and supplements that science supports.

 Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

  • Importance of this pumpkin like Garcinia Cambagia was increased after it was discussed in Dr. Oz show in 2012
  • Its outer part encloses hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is also an active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia Extract publicized as a weight loss pill.
  • It works by suppressing hunger, slowing down fat producing factors and increasing serotonin.
  • As per a study where garcinia was compared against a placebo by 130 people and no difference in body fat or weight was recorded.
  • It doesn’t cause any serious side effects but can however have a moderate affect on the digestive system. Best Diet Pills That Work Fast


  • Hydroxycut, regarded as one of the best weight loss supplements, contains caffeine and a few plants’ extracts that work wonders against weight loss.
  • As per some researches on it, Hydroxycut can really help cut approximately 9.5 kg in just 3 months.
  • Only people allergic to caffeine may sense a little unease,shiver and bad temper.
  • However, not many studies are made on this supplement.


  • The most consumed psychoactive substance and well know metabolic booster in the world is Caffeine.
  • Coffee, green tea and dark chocolate are a great source of caffeine and further it is added in so many foods and beverages.
  • Besides shedding weight, it can help boost metabolic process up to 3-11% and fat burning process by 29%.
  • People allergic to it may suffer anxiety, insomnia and heaviness.
  • It’s the best metabolism booster that can show results in short time.

Orlistat (Alli)

  • It is pharmaceutical treatment that is also known as Alli when used without prescription and as Xenical when used with prescription.
  • This pill helps cut weight by slowing down fat cells production and giving you a full feeling. A review of 11 studies confirms that Orlistat can enhance weight loss up to 6 pounds in comparison to a dummy pill.
  • Unfortunately this drug can lead to a number of digestive problems including gas, loose stools, and uncontrolled defecation movements. On top, it may cause lack of vitamin A, D, E and K.
  • To decrease side effects, it is advised to take Orlistat with low-fat diet.

Raspberry Ketone

  • This substance is found in Raspberries and a synthetic form of which is traded as a weight loss increment.
  • A study on rats shows that it enhances fat burn process and increases the production of hormones valuable for weight loss.
  • Unfortunately no studies on Raspberry Ketone can be found on humans.
  • Its consumption may cause your burps start smelling like raspberries.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Considered popular weight loss as it contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid
  • Increases fat burn
  • Can help shed 2.5 kg than a placebo, reduce b.p
  • May cause diarrhea too


  • Found in elephant yam roots, known as konjac too
  • Gives a full feeling and helps consume lesser calories
  • Helps shed 4 kg in 5 weeks
  • Controls b.p and cholesterol, good for constipation
  • Should be avoided when on other prescription
  • Can cause soft stools
  • Should be taken half an hour before meals


  • Lessens fat
  • Helps shed 5.2kg in 2 months
  • Controls b.p, cholesterol and triglycerides

Green Tea Extract

  • Antioxidant
  • Burns fat

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

  • Found cheese & butter
  • Metabolic booster
  • Suppress hunger
  • May also cause fatty liver & insulin conflicts


  • Belongs to mint family
  • Burns fat

Bitter Orange / Synephrine

  • Contains Synephrine
  • Considerably increase fat burn process
  • May cause heart problems as well